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We partner with other Accountants and CFOs to deliver a better experience for small businesses. Yeah, we’re accountants too, but we’re not in the business of tax. We do the granular, transactional work to help you focus on the sexy work. You can’t be everything to everyone Here’s what Cole Wilkinson, Partner at Pitcher Partners has to say about us:

All of the cross checks and balances are done, which allows us to focus more on advisory work, tax consulting, and other areas within the business - rather than just reconciling the balance sheet.

Ultimately, it makes us look better, really.

Cole Wilkinson, Partner at Pitcher Partners

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So why partner with SBO?

Be the trusted advisor

SBO is not in the business of tax or advisory – nor do we want to be. Our scope is delivering high quality bookkeeping and reporting coupled with a team of Chartered Accountants. Take control of your clients’ financial data and be the advisor you want to be.

Have confidence in the data

SBO partners have a clean and accurate view of their clients’ financial and non-financial data, making it easier for them to provide advice. But it’s not just about the numbers.

Build a dependable business

Many of our partners offer value-based services like virtual CFOs and business coaching. Having reliable and regularly-updated accounts coupled with a live metrics dashboard enables our partners to leverage their clients’ financial data to provide retainer-based advisory services and move away from the more commoditised compliance fees.

Your Path to Success

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