A CFO’s eCommerce Survival Guide

A finance expert’s guide to eCommerce business survival during a downturn

1. Its not about sales. Its about managing cashflow.

  • trying to plug the hole with new sales isn’t likely to fix the problem
  • can make profit and still lose cash – your business can collapse despite making sales
  • because the way revenue comes in is different to the way cash comes in and cash goes out
    • accounts rec.
    • inventory
    • accounts pay.
  • explain cash conversion cycle

2. Get prepared

  • prepare for the battle by looking into future
  • build 3 way model so you can rehearse the business
  • introduce how to manage acc rec., inventory and acc. pay

3. Manage accounts receivable

  • work with payees
  • evaluate selling based on credit risk

4. Inventory

  • expiring dairy
  • focus on gross profit
  • double down on home turf

5. Acc. payable

  • work with suppliers
  • ATO concessions
  • consider loans, but carefully

Big businesses leverage finance expertise for stability and growth. You can too.

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