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It’s hard to visualise how Operational Finance can help your business without seeing it in action. 

A personalised consultation can help you see and feel what Operational Finance can do for you, without a fee or commitment.

What is in a consultation?

Our engagement process is a little different to others. We take our potential clients through a commitment-free, fee-free engagement process to understand your businesses at a technical level:

  1. An initial, 45min video call to understand your finances and business challenges.
  2. We execute an NDA, gain access to your accounting system and conduct a high-level, complementary financial analysis of their business. We spend about 3 hours of our time doing this.
  3. We present the results of our analysis, along with our recommendations. This discussion informs a proposal, which documents how we can help solve your problems.
  4. We have a ‘next steps’ meeting, where we discuss the final proposal and next steps.
  5. The deal is done, and then we continue our work.

Why do we go to all this effort? So we make sure that we are able to deliver value, and so you can be sure of what you’re getting.

Some of the things we’ll talk about

Quantify Unit Economics

What is the cost of business for every product and transaction? What is the cost of providing each service? What is the Cost Per Acquisition?

Determine ROI & ROAS

Are you making more than $1 back on every $1 you spend? Is your marketing working and actually making you money?

Inventory & Working Capital

Your inventory is your money – literally. Handle inventory in ways that keep your money working.

Service Optimisation

How can you deliver more value or serve more customers without spending more?

Understand Customer Profitability

Which customers are worth your time and cost? How can you scale your services?

Optimise Business Profitability

Where is the business missing profit opportunities? Which parts of the business are costing more than they should?

Sound good? Book here.

Actionable, practical advice that makes profit.