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Exclusively for eCommerce, Agencies, SaaS and Start-Up companies.

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Why your accountant isn't proactive

Why your accountant isn't proactive

The definitive guide to eCommerce accounting

The definitive guide to eCommerce accounting

The business cashflow guide for agencies

The business cashflow guide for agencies

What we do

We become your CFO & accounting team, working with you to increase the cash flow and profitability of your business.

CFO Advisory




What it means for you

You get more than accounting

In addition to typical accounting, you get proactive analysis and advice.

We call this Operational Finance.

We turn the backward-looking reporting of accounting into forward-looking insights, strategies and planning that increases your cash flow and profitability.

It’s actionable advice that results in your bank accounts growing, just like if you had a veteran CFO.

We answer the tough questions:

What can I do to increase my margins?
Why am I making more sales but not making more profit?
Why is so much money being tied up in my business’ operations?
How can I pay myself more?
How can I spend less money on running my business?

How we do it

We set your business up for success by giving you the advice that increases cashflow and profitability. It’s that simple.

Businesses that do these two things right are the truly successful ones. They’re the ones that create wealth for their owners, grow sustainably and weather the storms.

Set up streamlined systems & bookkeeping

Manage books without fuss. Data entry; bank reconciliation; the processing of invoices, receipts, payments and running payroll. 

Stay on top of business obligations

Run payroll, submit BAS and other government/regulatory reporting.

Cash flow forecasting & management

Take the actions that keep money in the company’s bank account, instead of being tied up in unnecessary costs. Find ways to bring more cash in.

Apply Economic, Finance & Market Insights

Apply economic and financial principles that make the business more profitable in constantly evolving markets, and to be ahead of the market.

Business Analysis & Reporting

Dive deep into the numbers of the business to figure out where the money is coming in and going out. Find the levers that affect the true health of the business.

Effective Business Budgeting

Keep the costs of the business under control. Support the different functions of a business to be industry-competitive.

Provide Actionable Advice

Give the business leaders specific, actionable advice that drives profitable outcomes.

Provide ongoing education

Educate the people in the business so the standard in the business keeps improving.

Who we are

Serving business all over Australia from Brisbane

SBO is a half software, half services firm.

Our mission is to provide entrepreneurs with the information they need to unlock value in their business.

We’re a team of chartered accountants, financial analysts and bookkeepers based in Australia.

We’re a 100% distributed business, and serve entrepreneurs across Australia to help them grow their business.


Jason Andrew, Director


Rowan Grant, Director

SBO team-min

Finance & Accounting team

It's been great to be able to get all of our data into once place, know that the integrity's there and be able to use that and rely on that to make better decisions, which is exactly what I need as a CEO.

Simon Griffiths, CoFounder and CEO of Who Gives a Crap

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